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Spanish - WICKED
Spanish - WICKED

Hear Spanish at WICKED!

This revolutionary service provides automated multilingual commentary of a theatrical production for the non-English speaking audience at every single performance. More than a word-for-word translation, the system gives the patrons continual plot and dialogue information that enables them to follow the action, intention, humor, and emotion of the show.

To purchase, please fill in the boxes below with the date you'll be attending and the number of units you would like, then click CONTINUE to add your name and your payment information. Your translation unit(s) will be waiting for you at the theatre.

There is a $10. charge for the translation service which you must pay online. No cash is accepted at the theatre. Please bring a valid Drivers License, Passport, or State ID to leave as deposit for the unit.

More information is provided at the bottom of this page. You may also call us at (212) 582-7678 during theatre hours ONLY.
Price: $10.00

Product Code: 8

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  • At the theatre, you are loaned a small multi-channel receiver that has been tuned to the desired language. A signal is transmitted to this receiver, while you wear a tiny earphone in one ear through which you can hear the commentary in your language throughout the show.